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Moon Meets Morning Star
Rising in the dark hours before dawn, wandering Venus now shines as the brilliant morning star.
Its close conjunction with the Moon on August 13 was appreciated around planet Earth. But skygazers in eastern Asia were also treated to a lunar occultation, the waning crescent Moon passing directly in front of the bright planet in still dark skies.
This composite image constructed from frames made at 10 minute intervals follows the celestial performance from above the city lights and clouds over Taebaek, Korea. The occultation begins near the horizon and progresses as the pair rises. Venus first disappears behind the Moon’s sunlit crescent, emerging before dawn from the dark lunar limb.

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Photoset: Love the work!!! Which one are you?

Can’t get enough of this… (Taken with instagram)
So inspirational… (Taken with Instagram at Flatiron Building)

Gotta love the NYC traffic

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The Dictator trailer: does Sacha Baron Cohen rule OK?

RT @x_Muslimah_x: @IslamicThinking Love of Allah requires us to love what Allah loves and to dislike what displeases Him. #whatislove

Twitter Just Fired A Cannonball At Facebook And Google+

BMW 1M - Walls - MPowered Performance Part 1